Concept to Curtain-a 24 hour theater challenge

Have you always wanted to

experience the theatrical process?

Are you a seasoned theater sort and love being

spontaneous and creative?

Join us for

Concept to Curtain

a 24 hour theater challenge

Performers arrive at 3pm on Saturday and are divided into teams

Each team receives a genre, a location and a few other creative tools.

Then each team has 24 hours to create an original 

One Act Theater Production

Just $10 per participant—includes pizza and beverages


Summer Youth Theater Festival

Summer Youth Theater Festival

join us for a fantastic and educational

summer theater program

If your child wants to learn how to create and

perform theater, this is the perfect program

This program will include instruction in musical theater, character and plot development, movement/dance and more.

Younger performers will participate in the creation of “The Queen is Dead, God Save the Queen”

an original musical designed and performed by the students themselves.

Teen performers will develop and perform a stage version of “The Breakfast Club”

Also being offered for the first time:

Fusion’s Teen Director Workshop

where teen performers will learn the in’s and out’s of directing a

full scale performance.

From the stage to costuming to choreography to tech to promotion…

We’ll cover all aspects of directing a show.

July 7-August 14

12 noon – 4pm 

Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays

Fusion Youth Summer Theater Festival